BLM Mustang Legend

Legend was adopted from the Bureau of Land Management by one of Never Forgotten Ranch's founders, and is a permanent resident of the Ranch, helping to teach others about the majestic, intelligent, truly amazing North American Mustang, and their current plight.


Legend was bred on the open range, but was born 2011 in the holding pens at Canon City, Colorado, after her mother was rounded up. Legend is a classic beauty, with her shiny red coat and long flowing mane. But what we love about her is her heart!


Although very frightened of people upon her arrival, Legend chose a very specific day to finally accept her special person and begin their relationship. You see, her adopter had a very rough day at her job, and as the day came to an end she retreated to Legend's pen to wind down and pull herself back together. Even though she had not yet been able to touch Legend, the bond was there, as was the mutual healing. As Legend's adopter sat in Legend's hay feeder, a teary and emotional mess, Legend walked over and stared straight in her person's eyes. She knew her person was hurting, and she wanted to help. And for the first time, at that very moment, Legend allowed a human to touch her, to caress her face, and to feel the love she had to offer. At that moment, Legend healed her adopter. Legend even started grooming her adopter, an act of kindness seen often between horses.


From that day forward, the bond between Legend and her person grew and grew. Legend is now the head of Never Forgotten Ranch's small mustang herd, teaching other horses about humans and other humans about mustangs. Legend will always be our perfect example of the instinctive compassion we so often see in these wild, strong beings!


Above photos courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management


Above photos courtesy of Wild at Heart Photography

The First Touch