BLM Mustang Silk

Silk is a BLM mustang mare from the Divide Basin Herd Management Area in Wyoming. She was rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management when when she was a yearling, gentled through the Wild Horse Inmate Program at Canon City Correctional Facility in Colorado, and then adopted by a couple who loved her dearly.


The first few years, they took her around to mustang events, doted on her, and gave her a wonderful life! And as Silk reached the age where she could begin saddle training, they sent her to a trainer up north. Although this trainer did have Silk started under saddle and riding out on trails, one night she suddenly packed up her things, moved away, and left Silk behind, alone, with no one to care for her. Thankfully, Silk's initial adopters were contacted by neighbors they knew, and were able to retrieve her shortly afterwards.


But the experience with this trainer was not a positive one for Silk, even beyond the abandonment, and it sadly left its mark on the sweet girl, leaving her distrustful of new people and fearful of their instruction. Several other trainers tried to work with Silk in the years that followed, but Silk did not respond well to any of them. She was said to have dangerous and unpredictable behavior, and to be untrainable. So her adopters were left not knowing what to do with this horse that they had lovingly taken in as a yearling, other than to turn her out to pasture on her own. But they still wanted a better life for her, one with purpose and the human companionship that Silk so clearly craved. So that is where we came in.


We brought Silk to the Ranch, and although she definitely showed signs of emotional trauma and the frustration and trouble communicating that are often the result, she expressed this with behaviors such as walking backwards, shaking her head, and having a hard time responding appropriately in general. She did not display any of the dangerous or unpredictable tendencies that past trainers had spoken of. So we just continued to work with her at a pace she was comfortable with, trusting her and giving her the lead in her healing.


Although over time she was able to blossom into a solid riding horse for her Never Forgotten Ranch trainer, Silk remained distrustful of new riders, so we decided it was in her best interest to live out her years as a permanent resident of the Ranch, helping to teach other mustangs about domestic life. We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to give this sweet girl a home where she feels comfortable and can thrive!