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Meet Bo!  This young boy, around a year old, came to the Ranch in mid-April of 2021, needing a little help overcoming some anxiety and fears, so that he can be his best happy self and find that perfect Bo-style home where he can truly thrive. Our best guess at this point is that this guy may be a mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and Pyrenean Mastiff. But breed guessing is far from an exact science, and can be influenced as much by behavior as by appearance, so we'll continue to work on that guess as we get to know him. So far, he's shown us that he is a giant loveable puppy, who just wants someone to hold his paw and show him how the world works.  And Bo, we are here for you, ready to give you exactly that. 

Bo is still in the early stages of assessment, so is not yet available for adoption.  This page will be updated as he progresses, so please check back soon!