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The Power of the Pack!
Never Forgotten Ranch's Livestock Guardian Dog Training Team
(Permanent Ranch Helpers, Not Available for Adoption)

IMG_20180506_193622569 (3).jpg
LGD Huntress (2).jpg
LGD Diana2 (2).jpg

Here at the Ranch, we believe in "the power of the pack."  Basically this means that in our experience, dogs learn best alongside other dogs.  They are pack animals, and as much as they love us humans and make us part of their pack, they really do thrive to the fullest extent when with others of their same species.  Therefore, when training and rehabilitating rescued dogs of livestock guardian breeds, we have found the greatest success to take place within the pack.  Our resident training pack is led by our three personal livestock guardian dogs, who have been looking after our animals since long before the rescue existed.  In fact, it was this trio that inspired us to start this LGD-focused rescue.  So please meet our beloved Archer, Huntress, and Diana.  These three Great Pyrenees have taught countless rescues how to put their instinctive behaviors to use in a healthy way, in their natural environment, in order to find true doggie happiness.  These three lead a balanced pack that creates an ideal structure within which confused, lost, traumatized, or otherwise struggling dogs of these working breeds can find comfort and truly rehabilitate.  We are extremely grateful for these highly-devoted Ranch companions, as they are truly at the core of all we do.  

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