Surrending your dog to rescue

If you have a dog of a livestock guardian breed and are seeking the assistance of a rescue organization in rehoming the dog, please contact us directly to discuss options.  We offer a safe and judgement-free place for people to turn who are struggling to care for their livestock guardian breed dogs, regardless of the reason.  We understand how difficult it is to face the need to rehome your dog, and strive to offer a welcoming support system to assist dogs and their people during these difficult transitions.  We believe that rescue serves as a resource to keep dogs out of shelters, and our program in particular serves to assist with the placement of dogs of breeds that have unique characteristics that require a very specific home environment.  Our experience with and knowledge of these breeds allows us the ability to assess the dogs, rehabilitate if needed, and take the time necessary to find the ideal fit for each and every animal that comes into our care.  We are here to help.


Our organization accepts livestock guardian breed dogs into our rescue/rehabilitation/rehoming and sanctuary programs regardless of age, history, or health, as long as we have space available.  All of our rescues remain in Ranch care for a minimum of one month prior to being made available for adoption, during which time they are fully assessed by our behaviorists and receive any medical or behavioral rehabilitative care needed.  We take our time with each and every dog, as our goal is not merely to move the dog into a new home as quickly as possible, but to ensure that the new home will truly be the dog's happy fur-ever.  Our careful and comprehensive program has a high success rate of matching livestock guardian breed dogs with adopters who can provide a safe and loving breed-appropriate environment in which the dog can thrive.  We also offer lifelong sanctuary care for any dogs who enter our program but are found not to be candidates for adoption due to significant medical or behavioral concerns.

Any owner wishing to surrender their dog to Never Forgotten Ranch must complete this form, in order to transfer legal ownership of the animal, and to provide much-needed health, behavioral, and other information about the dog that will help us understand his or her unique individual needs upon entering Ranch care.  

Please note that due to the expansion of our livestock guardian dog rescue program, and our strong focus on this program as the core of our organization's mission, we are no longer able to accept dogs of non-livestock guardian breeds.  Mixed breeds are fine, as long as they are a majority livestock guardian breed mix.  If you are unsure if your dog is a livestock guardian breed, please feel free to ask.  

Following is a list of many (but not all) traditional livestock guardian breed dogs:


Anatolian Shepherd

Armenian Gampr

Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher

Bukovina Sheepdog
Bulgarian Shepherd
Cao de Castro Laboreiro
Cao da Serra da Estrela
Cao da Serra de Aires
Carpathian Sheepdog
Caucasian Ovtcharka
Caucasian Shepherd
Central Asian Ovtcharka
Chien de L'Atlas
Estrela Mountain Dog
Great Pyrenees
Hellenikos Poimenikos

Karst Sheepdog
Mandai Sheephound
Maremma Sheepdog
Mioritic Sheepdog
Owczarek Podhalanski
Perro de Pastor Mallorquin
Persian Sarabi
Pyrenean Mastiff
Rafeiro do Alentejo
Slovensky Cuvac
South Russian Owtcharka
Spanish Mastiff

and more....

Note:  Livestock guardian dog breeds are often confused with herding / cattle dog breeds, as they are two of the most common dogs used on farms and ranches.  However, these two canine categories could not be more different.  Livestock guardian breeds by nature have very low prey drives, allowing them to bond with and instinctively protect their herds and flocks.  Alternatively, herding breeds have very high prey drives, which guide their instincts to do their job of herding stock.  Never Forgotten Ranch does not work with herding / cattle dog breeds, but can refer you to other rescue organizations that do, if you are in need of assistance with your herding breed dog.