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Dog Intake

Due to our commitment to rescuing dogs who are at true risk of losing their lives in the overcrowded and strained shelter system, and those who need our immediate help due to abandonment, neglect or abuse, Never Forgotten Ranch no longer accepts owner surrenders.

If you have found a stray, abandoned, neglected or abused, sick or injured dog in need, please contact your local municipal shelter for assistance immediately.  Rescue organizations work directly with shelters and animal welfare departments to assist animals in these situations.  If you are having trouble getting in touch with your local animal welfare department, please let us know and we will assist.  Although we, and other rescue groups, can absolutely help get such animals the help they need, we all must work within the procedures of local animal welfare authorities in doing so.

If you are a representative of a shelter or other rescue organization, seeking rescue assistance with a dog of livestock guardian breed, or a senior or special needs dog of any breed, please contact us directly to discuss options and services we may be able to provide.  Thank you! 

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