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Daisy and Duke are a four-year-old brother-sister Great Pyrenees pair who came to the Ranch as owner surrenders, needing a bit of help finding a good breed-appropriate home.  They are absolute lovebugs, as you can tell from the smiley yet sometimes kinda derpy expressions above!  Although loving family dogs, these two are also very serious and devoted livestock guardians, a skill they have shown and proven during their time here at the Ranch.  They practice the classic teamwork seen in livestock guardian pairs, with Duke faithfully staying with the stock while Daisy patrols the perimeter.  Sweet and smart as they can be, this pair is very much ready for a family and farm of their very own.  Could that be with you?

The adoption fee for Duke and Daisy together is $350.  They must be adopted together as they are a highly bonded working team.  Please email, text or call to set up a time to meet this precious pair and see if they might be a good fit for you!

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