Dax is a beautiful hound mix boy, probably around a year and a half old, with the deepest, most soulful eyes and the softest grey coat you'll ever feel!  He came to us from one of the rural high-kill-rate shelters we work with regularly, so that he could have a place to safely live and relax while waiting for his perfect fur-ever family to come along and adopt him.

Dax is just as sweet as they can be.  He gets along with other dogs nicely, walks beautifully on a leash, is smart and attentive, and has just the funniest little personality and smile to match!  Dax is a nice mid-sized dog who will fit in easily in a variety of home environments.  

When Dax came to us, we were told that he had a concerning issue with one of his legs, where there is a hard golf-ball-sized lump.  So off to the local orthopedic vet we went!  After a thorough exam and several x-rays, it was determined that Dax suffered some sort of trauma to his leg early in life, probably when he was still just a wee pup, and it was sadly left untreated.  Thankfully, though, it healed in a way that causes him no discomfort or disability whatsoever.  The vet explained the options we had to get Dax's leg looking "right" again, but emphasized that these would be elective procedures for mere aesthetic purposes, were not in any way necessary for Dax's comfort or well-being, and that the surgery and recovery period would be long, painful, and very difficult on our precious Dax.  So at our trusted veterinarian's advice, we opted not to proceed with the cosmetic surgery, and to let Dax go on with life comfortably and happily just as he is.  After all, he can run, jump, and play like any other dog, so why put him through all that just to get rid of a harmless little bump? 

Although the news about the leg was relieving, our poor guy did end up testing positive for heartworms.  Thankfully it was a mild infection, treatment went very smoothly and he is now fully recovered with no lasting damage from the infection.  

As with any of our rescue dogs who come to us with medical issues, we are more than happy to provide medical records or even connect potential adopters with our veterinarian to discuss any concerns you may have, or to ask questions about Dax's health and condition.  We want our adopters to be fully informed and comfortable with the decision to bring their chosen dog into their lives.

Thanks to a very generous 2020 sponsorship, Dax's adoption fee is now only $50.  Please CLICK HERE to see what the adoption fee includes.

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