Our dog adoption fee structure is as follows:

1)  Our standard dog adoption fee schedule, which applies to all mixed breed shelter rescues, ranges from $95 to $195.  Each dog's individual adoption fee is listed on the dog's page beneath the "Available Dogs" tab above.

*Update 11/6/2020....a generous supporter of the rescue has sponsored ALL mixed breed shelter rescues currently available for adoption, reducing all applicable adoption fees to between $50 and $95 for the remainder of 2020 in order to help these dogs find their happy fur-ever families!


2)  Our adoption fee for working livestock guardian dogs 5 years of age and younger is $350.  Senior livestock guardian dogs 6 years of age or older are available at a reduced rate of $225.  But don't let this discounted rate fool you....experience has a lot of value when it comes to a livestock guardian!

3)  Reduced adoption fees may be available for senior or special needs dogs, and such rates will be noted in the dog's listing on this site.  Discounts are also available for those who adopt a senior livestock guardian along with one that is under a year of age, as this creates an ideal mentorship scenario wherein the younger LGD can continue learning from the experienced worker for years to come, creating a strong framework for a successful future.  And occasionally, slight per-dog discounts may be available for the adoption of a bonded livestock guardian dog pair or team.

(As an all-volunteer-run, nonprofit organization, 100% of all adoption fees received by the organization will go directly to the care of animals in need)

All dog adoption fees include the following:

Spay or neuter surgery.  All dogs over six months of age will be spayed or neutered prior to being made available for adoption.  However, since for the benefit of the animal's health and well-being our veterinarians prefer to wait until dogs are as close to the age of six months as possible prior to spaying or neutering, pups under the age of six months will be available for adoption only with a signed spay/neuter agreement.  Under this agreement, the adopter agrees to have the dog sterilized no later than the date the dog reaches the age of six months, as required by state law.  If the surgery is performed by our local veterinary partner, the cost is fully included in the adoption fee and will be paid directly to the veterinarian by the Ranch.  However, if the adopter prefers to use a different veterinarian, the Ranch will reimburse the adopter up to $150 of the cost of the surgery, with written proof of the surgery being complete. 

Age-appropriate vaccinations.  Includes the Da2PP combo vaccine and 1-year rabies, as appropriate for the dog's age.  

Heartworm testing.  All dogs over six months of age will be tested for heartworm and placed on heartworm preventative.  Should a dog test positive, he or she will receive the proper treatment, and potential adopters will be made aware of the condition and educated of long-term effects, if any.

Deworming.  All dogs are fully dewormed with a broad-spectrum dewormer upon entering our rescue program.  Puppies are dewormed every two weeks until they reach the age of three months.

Full behavioral evaluation based on both the dog's initial intake and information provided by the dog's foster family.  Although no guarantees can be made in regards to an animal's behavior, particularly in a new and unfamiliar environment, we will always provide as much information as we can about the animal's behavior while in our care, in order to provide the best insight possible into the dog's suitability for the adopter's home and lifestyle.  

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