Never Forgotten Ranch is always in need of more dog-lovin' folks to get involved in its rescue program. And one of the absolute best and most rewarding ways to do that is to foster.

Our rescue program is 100% foster based.  Although the rescue's founders do bring all of the dogs to their farm and ranch homes for their initial behavioral evaluations and veterinary exams, and do foster quite a few dogs themselves, they only have so much space.  So without the support of additional foster families, the rescue's reach is very much limited.

Foster families are just that.....a FAMILY for the rescue dogs to be a part of while they wait for their perfect adopters to come along. Now to clarify, a "family" can be any size. It can be a couple with or without children, a group of roommates, or even a single person surrounded by furry friends. The key here is that once we add the rescue dog to the picture, that connection makes a family. And that FAMILY is a critical part of what is commonly a period of important transition, decompression and recovery after the often traumatic experience that left the dog in need of rescue, whether that was abuse, abandonment, starvation, time alone on the streets, or being left alone and scared at the shelter by the one they loved and trusted the most. The foster FAMILY, just through its mere existence, heals the rescue dog. By loving an animal who was once without hope, you become the cure.

Never Forgotten Ranch aims to make fostering a positive and rewarding experience, and offers full support to its foster families. All we ask is that our fosters provide the dog with a safe place to call home, and a whole lot of love and patience. We work with our foster families to provide the supplies the dog needs, and welcome fosters to be as involved in the adoption process as they are comfortable being.

At this time we are welcoming dog fosters who live anywhere in the state of New Mexico, as our reach to potential adopters spans the entirety of the state.* So if you have space in your heart and home for a dog in need or have questions about our foster program, please let us know. Or if you're ready to go ahead and take the step to become a foster today, you can fill out the foster caregiver online application HERE.  

We, and the dogs, look forward to hearing from you and welcoming YOU as part of the Never Forgotten Ranch FAMILY!

*Dog rescue and foster opportunities within the state of Virginia will be available soon.

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