Gamora and Nebula are two beautiful Great Pyrenees girls, both probably no more than a year or two old, who spent part of their summer of 2020 wandering on their own waaaayyyy out in the desert boonies.  Eventually they found their way onto someone's property, where they stopped to politely ask for a very much needed bite to eat and some nice cool water to drink. From there they ended up at the county shelter, where they stayed for a while waiting for their people to come for them, but no one ever did. Like so many other small county shelters, kennel space there is limited, which means that at times the shelter staff sadly faces the heartbreaking reality of euthanizing for space. And that is why we help get doggies safely out of there whenever we can!

When Gamora and Nebula first arrived at the ranch, they were both a bit timid, Nebula definitely more so than Gamora.  But in their time here they've both come beautifully out of their shells and have shown us their sweet and gentle personalities.  They have spent time in two different playgroups of rescue dogs, and have gotten along with the other pups extremely well.  And since recovering from their spay surgeries they have moved into the barnyard with the Ranch's Pyrenees pack, where they have shown their amazing skills as devoted livestock guardians, helping to care for chickens, horses, and one very special goat.  The one thing that we've noticed these girls do need a bit more practice with is walking on a leash, as that doesn't seem to be something they experienced much of in their past lives.  But we're working on that, and they're coming along beautifully!

Due to the intense bond between Gamora and Nebula, with Nebula gaining much of her confidence from her cherished companion, these girls will only be adopted as a pair, and the adopter(s) will be required to sign a contract agreeing to keep them together, as we feel this is definitely in the best interest of these two precious dogs.  Their combined adoption fee is $650 ($325 each), and a working home is highly preferred.  Gamora and Nebula LOVE the farm environment, and will make a fantastic livestock guardian team for a loving adopter.  

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