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Available for Adoption_ Harper & Hunter!

Harper and Hunter are a bonded pair of Great Pyrenees, probably between two and three years of age.  They came to us after a little misguided adventure went tragically wrong.  You see, the happy duo was out exploring on their own near the highway, and Harper was hit by a car.  She somehow managed to drag herself behind a bush on the side of the road, but her poor companion knew she needed help, and needed it fast.  So sweet Hunter ran out by the road, putting himself in danger, and barked at cars until a kind passerby realized he was yelling for help, and stopped.  Hunter literally saved Harper's life.  And thankfully, the good samaritan who stopped got Harper safely to their local vet so they could stabilize her, the local shelter was contacted, and we were called in to help.  

When we arrived at the vet to get Harper, it was a heartbreaking sight.  The technicians brought her out to us on a stretcher, and the look in her eyes was pure confusion and pain.  She was stable, but nowhere near out of the woods with those injuries.  So we got her as comfortable as we could, made a quick stop at the shelter to pick up her guardian angel, Hunter, and headed straight to our local vet out here in the mountains.  The veterinary team could tell that Harper was in shock, and that she needed immediate attention.  So they carried her lovingly into the clinic, and went straight to work.  

Shortly thereafter, we learned that poor Harper had two broken legs.  One was a small hairline fracture that the vet wasn't too concerned about, but the other leg was snapped in two, with the bone halves having slid parallel to each other.  It was a gruesome, complex fracture that required immediate surgery.  Thankfully, our local orthopedic expert was ready for the task, and put our girl right back together!  And a couple months later, after some good restful healing time and physical therapy, Harper is good as new!

As for her precious savior, Hunter, he may have escaped the tragedy on the road, but he did test positive for heartworms.  So he, too, was treated, and the precious pair was able to heal side by side.  

Today, Harper and Hunter are two of the happiest dogs in the Ranch's livestock guardian training pack!  They have made friends with all of the other dogs, and are successfully helping look after the Ranch's horses, goats, and chickens.  They work together like a classic livestock guardian stays with the stock while the other checks the perimeter, and one rests while the other stands guard.  And in between, they play, rest, and snuggle, always together.  They are an amazing pair!  

Harper is probably one of the friendliest Pyrenees around!  Her smile radiates for miles, and she loves being right by our sides while we do our work.  She adores pets and snuggles, and will let you know if she does not feel she is getting enough attention by offering the classic "Pyr Paw."  Hunter is a true gentle giant, with the longest legs we've ever seen on a Pyrenees!  He is the sensitive type, who likes everyone to be happy, gentle, and at peace at all times.  That is, of course, unless he feels there's a threat nearby, in which case those long legs take him on his mission at record speed!

Harper and Hunter must be adopted together.  After what they went through, and what Hunter did to save his beloved companion, separating them is clearly not an option.  They will not only be adopted together, but keeping them together will be an enforced part of their adoption contract.  They are available for the combined adoption fee of $350 for the pair.  Please CLICK HERE to see what the adoption fee includes.

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