Hook is a precious mixed breed boy, born in December of 2019.  He came to us as part of a litter who had lost their mom at only two weeks of age, and was in need of extra special care during those still early weeks of life.  But between bottle feeding and the much-welcomed help of a rescued momma dog who had recently given birth to a litter of her own, all eight babies thrived and grew into healthy happy pups!

Although we don't know Hook's exact breed, his coat length and coloring suggest that he is possibly a mix of border collie and cattle dog, with a bit of bully breed tossed in there to give him that adorable stocky build.  These are of course just our best guesses, but no matter what his breed, Hook is one awesome guy!  He is very laid back and mellow with people, and amazingly gentle with the little ones.  He adores the company of other dogs, and despite his generally relaxed style he sure does enjoy a good romp and run with his buddies!  Well, as long as some good snuggly nap time follows!

Hook's adoption fee is $95, and please CLICK HERE to see what the adoption fee includes.

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