Kill Pen "Rescues"

Kill pen rescues.  It's a controversial topic in the horse world for sure, but one that needs to be addressed.  So let's start by making it clear that Never Forgotten Ranch DOES NOT PURCHASE HORSES FROM KILL PENS.  And we don't want you to, either.  Here's why.....


When you buy a horse from a kill buyer, it may feel good.  It may feel like you've just saved a life.  After all, if you don't take the horse, he's going straight to slaughter and will suffer a horrible death in Mexico or Canada, right?  That sure is what they want you to think, those smooth-talking money-tossing representatives of the horrendous horse slaughter industry.  But the reality is that the horse you're buying was never at risk.  You never even saw the ones who were at risk.....they were on the slaughter truck long before any rescue eyes could be laid on them.  But the sale of that "at risk" horse definitely had an impact....on the kill buyer's wallet.  Selling horses to well-meaning buyers and rescuers under the guise of "at risk for slaughter" is one of the biggest scams kill buyers use to multiply their revenue and expand their actual slaughter-bound horse program into the multi-billion dollar industry it is.  When you buy from a kill buyer you are funding their slaughter operation.  Period. 

And if you don't believe me, read THIS.

Never Forgotten Ranch frequents some of the horse and livestock auctions most known for being kill buyer sources, from New Mexico to Virginia to the notorious New Holland, Pennsylvania.  We have seen the kill buyers' actions firsthand.  We have seen the trucks load up with screaming, frightened and bloody animals heading straight for a horrendous death, never having been given a chance.  We know the kill buyer game, we know how they try to distract good-hearted buyers and rescuers from what is going on behind the scenes.  But we see it.  And we need you to see it, too.

Now why are we at these auctions and why do we know these kill buyers?   Simple.  We're there to outbid them.  We're there to make sure that at least a few horses that day NO NOT end up as part of the kill buyers' corrupt fundraising play on the hearts of kind horse-loving people.  We're there to get these precious souls into our rescue program and safely into adoptive homes where they will be cherished.  We are there to do our little part to limit the kill buyers' success for that day.  Our reach may be small, but for the horses we save, it is everything.  

Now imagine if you were there, too.  Imagine if every horse rescue operation in this country ignored the kill buyers' pleas to "save" the horse stagnating in filth on their lots as part of their hideous business, and instead swiped up those animals safely into loving arms before the kill buyers could get to them.  Without selling horses directly to the public as "bailed out rescues," the kill buyers' operations would be slashed by half, or even more. 
They make a killing, literally, off of you when you cave to their game.  

But don't take our word for it.  Do your research.  Know who you are supporting when you buy from a kill buyer, and please consider adopting from a legitimate rescue instead.  Whether it is Never Forgotten Ranch or one of the many other organizations out there fighting hard against the corrupt horse slaughter industry, please consider your place in this fight. 

The horses need you.

The following videos are graphic, and very difficult to watch.  But the horses need you to know what is happening to them.  So please, grab your box of tissues, prepare yourself for a harsh dose of animal-cruelty reality, and watch these videos.  Then if you're ready to be a part of the solution, we're here, and will welcome your support.