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Ranger is a young Great Pyrenees boy, just over two years old.  He had a bit of a rough start at life, being passed through a number of indoor companion homes that were just not right for him, causing him all sorts of stress and anxiety.  So thankfully his last family reached right out to us, knowing that we would find him a loving home where he could have both a family and the job he so desires. 

Although young and still maturing, Ranger knows his job and takes it seriously!  He is always one of the first to alert the barnyard to a potential threat, but is also one of the first to come up to us for snuggles and lovins.  Ranger has been around small children, and is very gentle and kind with them.  He is currently living successfully with the Ranch's livestock guardian training pack, helping look after horses, goats, and chickens.  However, due to his age he would do best in a home where he could continue to be mentored by a more seasoned livestock guardian, and with an adopter that has some experience with livestock guardian breeds.  If you are interested in Ranger but do not already have an experienced LGD to help continue his mentorship, please ask about possible options for adopting a mentor / pup livestock guardian team.

Ranger is available for adoption for our standard livestock guardian adoption fee of $250.  If he is adopted with an older mentor, the combined fee for the pair will be $350.  Please CLICK HERE to see what the adoption fee includes.

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