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Sponsor or Donate

Donations and sponsorships are a huge part of what keeps Never Forgotten Ranch financially able to continue its mission of improving the lives of dogs in need.  As a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, EIN #84-2141190, all donations and sponsorships are tax-deductible.  

Following are some ways that you can help us in our mission:

1)  DONATE!  Donations are welcome and appreciated in any amount you are able to share.  Simply click the "Donate" button below to make a one-time or ongoing monthly donation.  Thank you!

2)  SPONSOR A DOG!  With individual animal sponsorships, you can directly impact the rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary or hospice care of that one dog that is really reaching your heart.  One-time donations are greatly appreciated, and we will gladly let you know exactly where your dollars are spent on the behalf of the animal of your choice.  Or, you can choose to make an ongoing monthly donation in any amount you'd like, and even to help cover whichever expense you'd like (food, veterinary costs, etc.).  Sponsorships can also be honored through direct donations of dog food or supplies as listed below.  So just look through the dog shown beneath the tabs above, and let us know who will be the lucky recipient of your sponsorship.    

3)  Donations of dog food and supplies are always appreciated as well!  Here are some of our ongoing needs:

Dog food and other healthy stuff!  The puppers need their grub!  Most of the dogs get good-quality kibble that is purchased from either Tractor Supply, Chewy, or Amazon.  Gift certificates for any of these companies, or orders on our behalf are always appreciated!  Amazon and Chewy in particular make it especially easy to donate exactly what the critters need the most, through their charitable organization wish lists.  Just click either of the links below, choose what you'd like to donate, and they'll send it right here!  

In addition to their kibble, most of the sanctuary dogs get at least a couple of supplements to help address their individual special needs.  A vast majority of these supplements can be purchased from the aforementioned companies, and many of them are included in the Ranch's Amazon Wish List.

Finally, and most importantly if you ask some of the doggos around here, TREATS!  Some of the dogs in our care came to us from truly horrific abusive and neglectful circumstances.  Many arrive here not much more than skin and bones, not knowing what a full bowl of food looks like, much less what a treat tastes like.  So we do all we can to change that for them!  The dogs here at the Ranch get a LOT of treats!  We use positive reinforcement methods of training, which means that our pockets are constantly packed with training bits, the nibble-size nom-noms that work perfectly for rewards, without overdoing the cookies and upsetting the bellies.  We also like to keep as many bully sticks and other rawhide alternatives as possible on hand for those moments when a chewy distraction is just what the doggies need.  And of course, the cookie jars must stay full!  Yes, that is jars, plural.  Every meal at the Ranch comes with dessert, so a healthy variety of treats is a must-have! 

- Buckets, bowls, rakes, hoses, stock tanks, grooming supplies, dog shampoo and conditioner, doggie coat detangler, sunscreen (doggie sunscreen is great, but human varieties for sensitive skin work just as well!), chew toys, squeaky toys, doggie toothpaste and toothbrushes, collars and leashes (martingale collars are the best!), towels, blankets, doggie beds, crates, essential oils for our homemade flea spray, Tevrapet all natural flea collars (these are fantastic!), sweaters and jackets and pajamas for the old dogs and underweight rescues, building name it, we can most likely use it!  New or gently used, it is welcome and appreciated here at the Ranch!

 ~ Please contact us directly to schedule a donation pick-up or drop-off. ~

~ OR ~

click one of the links below to order directly from our wish lists!

*All donors will receive a receipt for their donation for tax purposes upon request.  Corporate donation and sponsorship packages are available as well.  Please inquire for details.  Thank you!

Amazon WishList.jpeg
Chewy WishList.jpeg


And here are two ways that you can donate to the care of animals in need, without it costing you a thing!

Have you ever shopped for your furry loved one's favorite goodies at  As one of Chewy's rescue partners, Never Forgotten Ranch receives a $20 donation for every new customer who joins Chewy via our rescue's unique link.  Just click the logo to the right to sign up!  And as a new customer, you get a whopping 30% off of your first autoship!  Now that's a pretty awesome deal!


As mentioned above, many of our dogs receive nutritional supplements, and one supplement in particular that has had a significant positive impact upon the health of countless dogs in our care is Max & Neo CBD oil.  Max & Neo is an amazing small business that not only produces superior CBD oil (the ONLY brand we give our dogs), but also donates significantly to the rescue community.  For every bottle of Max & Neo CBD oil that you buy your dog (or yourself), they donate a bottle to the rescue of your choice.  We have personally seen this oil reduce if not eliminate the occurrence of seizures in dogs, slow the progression of certain cancers, alleviate anxiety, increase mobility, and more.  It has literally been a game changer for our sanctuary babies.  So if you use this oil to help improve the quality of life for any of your fur-babies, don't forget to choose the dogs of Never Forgotten Ranch as the recipients of Max & Neo's bottle-for-bottle donation!

Whether you donate, volunteer, share our animals' stories, stop by our events to give the doggies some love, or offer any of the other amazing gestures of kindness and support we and the animals we serve are so fortunate to receive, know this:  

YOU are making a difference.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

- Aesop

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