The North American Mustang

Part of Never Forgotten Ranch's mission is to assist in finding good homes for America's wild horses who are currently held in the Bureau of Land Management's holding pens.  

For a brief but excellent explanation of the history of the North American mustang, and the current herd management practices by the BLM, please visit the Mustang Heritage Foundation's education page.  And for a more in-depth look, please visit "America's Mustang," which was created by the combined efforts of the Mustang Heritage Foundation and the United States Bureau of Land Management.  

Currently, Never Forgotten Ranch works with what is known as a "three-strikes" mustang.  These are wild horses who are made available for adoption at three BLM adoption events, but unfortunately did not find a home.  Once a wild horse receives "three strikes," he or she is made available for sale to the general public, no longer under the protections of the Wild Horse and Burro Act.  These mustangs are often overlooked at adoption events for a number of reasons.  Perhaps there were just too many horses available and they got lost in the crowd.  Perhaps there just weren't enough adopters present.  And sometimes these horses are just shy, and hide behind others at the adoption events, unseen by the potential adopters.  No matter what the reason, "three strikes" does not in any way mean that these mustangs are less capable, intelligent, strong, or trainable than any other mustang!  In fact, two of Never Forgotten Ranch's Mustang Ambassador Horses had three strikes, and we couldn't ask for better examples of the capabilities of these wild horses than our beloved Legend and Valentine.....



Photo courtesy of Wild at Heart Photography

Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management

In order to do our small part to help make sure that these "three-strike" mustangs to do not end up in the wrong hands, we bring them into our program, train them, and find them good homes under the protections of the same Adoption Agreement we use for our rescues.  So if you think you might be interested in making a true American Legend a part of your family, please contact us to discuss adoption.  

And finally, please take a moment to watch the video below from the Mustang Heritage Foundation, to learn from trainers, adopters, and others who have worked with mustangs just what willing and devoted partners they truly can be!