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Dog Intake

We are living in an era during which animal rescues and sanctuaries are experiencing an overwhelming influx of animals in need of life-saving assistance.  It has reached a truly epidemic level, with requests for assistance coming in daily.  Most rescues and sanctuaries are operating at or beyond capacity, and struggling to find the means to accept new intakes.  Never Forgotten Ranch is no exception.  As a small rural sanctuary operated 100% by the efforts of an extraordinarily committed team of volunteers, and funded solely by donations provided by our amazing dog-loving community, our number one priority is to continue to provide our dogs with the top-notch care they deserve.  Our sanctuary is a final refuge for these precious dogs.  We are their last chance at life after old age, illness, or devastating trauma left them almost forgotten.  Every dog here has unique needs, either medically or behaviorally, and we are fully dedicated to providing any level of complex care these beloved dogs need in order to once again thrive.  We replace fear with love, pain with comfort and kindness.  We are a permanent lifelong sanctuary home for these precious souls.  And although we of course strive to save as many dogs as possible, we must maintain our residency at a number we can manage both physically and financially.  No resident of the Ranch shall ever go without the comforts they deserve, and operating within our means allows us to keep that promise to those who are entrusted to us.  Because of this, we unfortunately are not able to always say "yes" and open our doors to every dog in need.  Oh how we wish we could!  But we must protect our ability to live up to our mission, and to provide the best life and care that we promise to our animals.   

Due to our commitment to rescuing dogs who are at true risk of losing their lives in the overcrowded and strained shelter system, and those who need our immediate help due to abandonment, neglect or abuse, Never Forgotten Ranch is rarely able to accept owner surrenders.  That being said, if you have a dog you are no longer able to care for, we are happy assist by sharing courtesy posts on our social media and providing referrals and links to rehoming resources.  Or if you have a dog you are struggling with due to medical or behavioral challenges, we can provide resources to assist in that area as well.  So please do not hesitate to reach out if you and your canine companion are in need of assistance.  We want to help any way we can!

If you have found a stray, abandoned, neglected or abused, sick or injured dog in need, please contact your local municipal shelter for assistance immediately.  And of course let us know as well, so that we may work with the shelter, and other rescues and animal welfare groups as needed, in order to ensure the dog's safety.  Animal rescue is only successful when the community works together - it is an absolute example of the old saying that "it takes a village!"  And like rescues, shelters truly do want to save dogs in need.  But they need our help!  Rescue and sanctuary organizations work directly with shelters and animal welfare departments to assist animals in these situations and can make a world of difference when working together.

And finally, if you are a representative of a shelter or other rescue organization, seeking rescue assistance with a senior or special needs dog, or a dog who has experienced severe trauma and is in need of sanctuary-style rehabilitative care, please contact us directly to discuss options and services we may be able to provide.  Thank you! 

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