Who We Are & What We Do

Never Forgotten Ranch is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, tax ID #84-2141190, providing hope and a promising future for dogs, horses, and cats in need in central New Mexico.

Our Mission

The mission of Never Forgotten Ranch is to serve dogs and and horses who are at risk of being “forgotten” by humans who have failed them.  We accomplish this mission of rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming through several specific means. 

First, we are strongly devoted to standing against the dark and deceptive horse meat buyer industry by frequenting the same auctions as the "kill buyers," and bringing as many horses as possible safely into our program before they end up in the wrong hands and face an unimaginable fate.  We also strive to expand this safety net for America's forgotten horses by educating the equine community about the increasingly common kill buyer scam, encouraging others to help us block the path of this very ugly industry, rather than supporting it through false "rescue."  

Secondly, Never Forgotten Ranch strives
 to assist in the growth of adoptions of the wild horses who have been removed from their homelands up by the Bureau of Land Management due to overpopulation and the resulting degradation of the range lands, and are now awaiting adoption in BLM holding pens, by gentling them, training them, and placing them in good homes.  The Ranch also aims to educate others about the plight of these wild horses, their uncertain future as their population increases and the range lands can no longer sustain them, and the mustangs' unmatched strength, hardiness, intelligence, and dependability as faithful equine partners.

Third, Never Forgotten Ranch provides lifelong sanctuary care to a number of senior and special needs dogs.  Each of these dogs came to the Ranch from a city or county shelter, after either finding themselves alone on the streets or surrendered by their "owners," usually during their golden years of life.   

Fourth, Never Forgotten Ranch helps dogs of livestock guardian breeds find homes in which they can thrive. At the forefront of this aspect of the Ranch's mission is our goal to help educate the public about the unique needs of livestock guardian breed dogs, the invaluable services they provide to the agricultural community and the joy they experience in doing so, and the critical importance of ensuring that dogs of these working breeds are placed only in home environments that meet their unique needs based on their genetic instincts.  Never Forgotten Ranch serves to connect rural adopters living on ranches, farms, and small homesteads with livestock guardian dogs looking for working positions with loving families.  It is our goal to facilitate lifelong adoptions of livestock guardian breed dogs, in the environments in which they thrive, therefore limiting the number of these dogs ending up at risk in shelters.

As part of this endeavor, the Ranch operates a livestock guardian rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption program serving dogs of livestock guardian breeds who have experienced failed adoptions in urban pet home settings that are inappropriate for the breed, or failed positions as livestock guardians, generally due to inadequate or improper training.  These dogs are fully assessed for any existing behavioral challenges, re-trained accordingly, and then placed with responsible adopters who can provide the environment in which the individual dog can thrive.  

Please note that Never Forgotten Ranch does not place dogs of livestock guardian breeds in urban homes, since due to their unique instincts and genetic traits they generally do best in rural environments where they can have a "job" and a focus for their highly active minds.  Even if the particular dog is not suited for livestock guardian work, we aim to place our dogs in homes situated in rural environments where their energy, personalities, protective instincts and sometimes vocal tendencies will not only be accepted but will be welcomed and appreciated.  

Before refining our canine program to focus solely on dogs of livestock guardian breeds, Never Forgotten Ranch rescued dogs of other breeds who had found themselves at risk of euthanasia at one of the many high-kill-rate city and county shelters.  Although we are no longer bringing dogs of non-LGD breeds into our rescue, we do still have a number of fantastic companion animals of various breeds still with us, awaiting their happy fur-ever.  These dogs have all been fully assessed for behavioral traits in order to place them in the best and most fitting adoptive homes possible, and can be found in our "adoptable dogs" listing. 

*All dogs adopted through Never Forgotten Ranch are fully examined by our trusted veterinarians, de-wormed, immunized, and spayed/neutered in accordance with State law.    

And finally, Never Forgotten Ranch recently expanded with a working cat program.  We are partnering with a number of shelters and other rescues to help feral and semi-feral cats who are not suited for indoor home life find safe and loving homes on local farms, ranches, homesteads, and other similar environments. Unsocialized and at-risk of being deemed unadoptable at shelters, the ever-expanding feral cat population is definitely an area of immense need. These precious beings, although not interested in the indoor pet life, still need and deserve loving care and safe surroundings. And farms need pest / rodent control! So it's really a win-win. Save a life, and get a new happy new farm worker!